Project Request Help

How can I provide more funding detail?

The Requester or Client may complete the PR Funding document and upload it to the Documents tab on the PR form. Requesters must upload documents before clicking the Submit button. Project Coordinators or UServices Team members may upload documents at any time.

How do I attach my related documents?

When do I need a Project Number?


When will my Project Request get a Project Number?

  • All PRs receive a Project Number when the PR form is submitted by the Requester.  The Requester will see the Project Number in the Confirmation Screen and Confirmation Email.


Where is my PR going?

How will I be updated?

  • Upon submitting your Project Request the system will generate a Confirmation Page and a Confirmation Email sent to the Requester. The email contains the assigned PR Number along with a link to view the PR content. Click on the link at any time to vew updates including: WO # if applicable, assigned UServices Team, assigned Project Manager, or if the PR was reassigned to a different UServices Team. Tip:  You may wish to keep the PR Confirmation or save the PR Link within the email so that you can see updates to the form.
  • The Project Coordinator or Project Manager will contact the Requester with questions and/or progress.

How will I know who is working on my PR?

  • Within the confirmation email is a link to your submitted Request. 
  • Keep the email so you can click on the link and view the information added by the Project Coordinator, FM Call Center, and/or UServices Team.

What if my project impacts multiple buildings?

  • Requester:
    • Enter the names of the impacted buildings in the Detail Description field on the Requester tab.
    • Select the special case Building Identifier for your campus, see Special Case List
  • Project Coordinator: Enter the names and numbers of the impacted buildings in the 10.(c) Enter Impacted Buildings field on the District Coordinator tab.
  • U-Services Team: Enters Child Project Numbers for each Building, Asset, or by Contractor, or however the complex project will be tracked in that U-Services Department's system

What if my project is NOT in a building?

  • Special Cases
  • Contact Records Management, John Cook, at 612-625-6537